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Re: 1st Loop Workaround in Ableton's LIVE 4.0

> Digital Performer has POLAR (Loop time?  As much as your RAM can 
> support), which is *almost* a Jamman... but lacking feedback control.

tell me about it! that bites, hard. almost such a useful tool, and with 
perfect sync, export to sequence etc.

> It drives me crazy that we've got plug-ins that are already good 
> realtime loopers... PSP42 but they wrote me and said getting a longer 
> loop time was impossible.  Then Augustus Loop comes out.  1 hour.  
> Huh.  He did it.

well, no magic coding there - it's just a matter of throwing memory at 
the problem. :)
though to be honest I'm not even 100% happy with that solution, as it's 
still to some extent at the mercy of the operating system paging 
memory. maybe if someone out there is lucky enough to have a machine 
with a couple GB of RAM in, they could try it out with an hour long 
loop and let me know how it goes on that system.
what I'd like to aim for with Augustus Loop is a disk-based solution, 
which would
a) remove the limitation of an hour (or so) for the loop length
b) make it much easier to move towards an infinite overdub/undo system.
however that's a significant step beyond the current frontiers of my 
expertise, so don't hold your breath :)