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RE: EDP sync and sale/resale

Dave sell it and get a new one;-)
I was one of the ones that got the first Oberheims and
i donīt want to start telling you the money and
headaches it costed me to get it running properly!I
bought it america and brought it here only to
experiece overheating problems bugs,etc.with it...
I remember back in 97 trying to sell it here and
nobody would buy it.Then i discover LD and kim helped
me through the problems.Then about a year ago i saved
my money to buy a second unit to use it in stereo and
voilá; Gibsons donīt sync with Oberheims! Andy was
very nice to help me through and do all the
modofications i need for it to sync with my Gibson but
unfortunately nothing worked.So i finally said: baby,
baby i am going to leave you,i ainīt joking baby i got
to ramble...
But i havent given up and i am hoping the new gibson
will sync to my old gibson...

--- hazard factor <artists@hazardfactor.com> wrote:
>  On the topic of older units...mine just started
> something new. Sometimes,
> it just won't record. There is input, but no output.
> Turn it off, and on
> again, it works fine. After 10 mins, it just stops
> recording. I have to
> power down. My EDP is from 96 or so. 
> BTW, thanks to Andy for all the help he has given me
> these past few years. 
> Dave Eichenberger 
> http://www.hazardfactor.com


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