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Re: Acoustic guitars modeling

Roland's V-Guitar system let you so all sorts of things with the 
tuning--alternate tunings, octave displacements, etc.  You had to make 
sure you were playing loud enough that you didn't hear any acoustic 
sound from your instrument though, because it sounded horrible.  You 
also miss out on all the sympathetic resonances that actual alternate 
tunings encourage, so things were a bit "dead" sounding be comparison.

I know that Joni Mitchell used the V-Guitar system to replace carrying 
six or eight guitars which required her tech to retune over the course 
the evening.  A friend of mine saw one of those shows and said the 
results were less than convincing to his ears, which is a shame.


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> From: "L. Angulo" <labalou2000@yahoo.com>
> Date: June 8, 2004 3:36:45 AM PDT
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> Subject: Acoustic guitars modeling
> i keep dreaming that someday there will be a system
> that will make my life easier on stage playing in open
> tunnings,but i see its starting to happen!I am quite
> impressed by this product of line6 has anyone tried
> one yet? i would appreciate your comments!
> http://www.line6.com/VariaxAcoustic/intro.html
> L.a