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Re: My first looper

Title: Re: My first looper
Mine was a DOD DFX94 the day it came out, used with a Ibaenz DDl10, a Boss DM-2, a Boss RV-2 and a pile of other stuff.
God I loved that pedal for YEARS.  4 seconds of 8-12 bit glory.
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Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2004 11:07 PM
Subject: Re: My first looper

I think my first looper was actually my ugly purple analog delay pedal circa 1982. Playing against my echoes got me into the idea of stacking my own sounds against each other while playing live.

When I discovered digital delays and then actual loopers, later on, I was in hog heaven.


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on 6/5/04 2:35 PM, Mark Hamburg at mark_hamburg@baymoon.com wrote:

My first looper was a DigiTech RDS3600 that I got in 1985. (I think.)
I've got a somewhat demented recording somewhere of me doing looped
improv on a PAiA Organtua through some Arion pedals into the RDS3600
with the Korg DDM-110 and DDM-220 providing the percussion track. I
have to figure out what to do with that some time.