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Three great looping artists in Berkeley Thursday night!

This is going to be a fun night with three looping solo artists with 
talents in Berkeley, California. Amy X Neuburg, Brian Kenney Fresno and
Andre LaFosse. For more info, see the forwarded message below. Brian's web
site is at http://www.bonghitrecords.com/ and features numerous full-length
audio clips of his amazing looped Warr Guitar playing.

(I'm forwarding this on to the list on my own, Amy had nothing to do with
it. I know she's been mentioned here before so hopefully this is on-topic)

The Starry Plough is a really cool Irish pub near downtown Berkeley. Get
there early for some wicked hamburgers, pizza and some choice microbrews.

- Dave

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From: "Amy X Neuburg" <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 10:02 PM
Subject: Froot / Loops

And for further enticement, I have been informed
that Brian is bringing Free Fresh Fruit from
FRESNO! to the Starry Plough gig.

Three crazy-ass electronic looping artists --
Lots o' free fresh fruit --
All for a mere 5 bux! See you there! Exclamation point!

Ye goode olde STARRY PLOUGH
3101 Shattuck, Berkeley
This will be a trés cool evening. At 9:30 is one
of my favorite looping dudes of all time -- Andre
LaFosse, up from LA with his wacked-out guitar
I'm on at 10:30 with some of my top 40 hits and a new-ish thang or two.
At 11:30 it's none other than the notorious Brian
Kenney-Fresno. If you have not experienced Brian
Kenney-Fresno, you have not lived.

I'll be one of 4 arteests presented at the 8th annual ELECTRON SALON
1205 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz
The theme this year is "Theatre, Songs &
Electronics" and will be accompanied by live
video. An extremely happening event. For more
info check out http://www.elsaproductions.com.
Show starts 8 PM.

Not to mention:
Sittin' in, as they say, as guest vocalist with
neo-prog-jazz virtuosi JACK WEST & CURVATURE
100 Connecticut St, SF -- 10 PM
I'll be improvising and god-knows-what with these
exceptionally creative and talented dudes. Here's
their site: http://www.curvature.us/.
Turns out it's NOT free -- 5 bucks, which is only
five bucks different from Free.

Hope to see you! Love and xx - a

New NEUS and reviews at http://www.isproductions.com/amy/shows.html.
New CD -- "Residue" -- out and about. Get one:
Amoeba Records


+++  Amy X Neuburg
+++  http://www.isproductions.com/amy