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MIDI/ReAlign AlesisSR-16,EDP

Hello, I am working w/ an EDP and an Alesis SR-16 drum machine, I have them hooked via MIDI so the SR-16 is sending the clock to the EDP. I am not using a MIDI footcontroller (as of yet), just a two-button pedal for the SR-16 and the standard EDP controller. I am stumped, 2 things 1. there is the realign function, I would like them aligned all the time, right now when I start the record on loop 2 everything falls apart. 2. When I set the EDP to switch to Loop 2 (switchQuant is set to lop) and am waiting for loop 1 to finish so I can record loop 2 with the drums still playing, the EDP cuts off the last two measures of Loop 1. Anyone with experience hooking an EDP up w/ an SR-16 or similar, I would greatly appreciate any advice. Many thanx to David Grossman for the Beringer Controller recomendation. dave