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Re: DL4 / Expression Pedal

In short, yes;  I emailed Line 6 about this problem
after I first got the DL4 a couple months ago, and
they said something to the effect that "the only pedal
we can guarantee will work is the Line 6 pedal" (not
an exact quote).  I've tried using my Ernie Ball with
the exact same problem you're describing.  Another had
posted to this list, however, that he'd had luck
switching the ground on his volume pedal, but I'm just
passing this on...
Matt Herman

--- squidloop@thetentacle.org wrote:
> I just started using my Boss EV5 with my DL4 and I
> was wondering if
> anybody else has come across this problem.
> The pedal seems to do fine when you first plug it in
> but after a few uses
> it doesn't seem to remember the delay settings
> between sweeps.
> Anybody else know what’s up - is it one of those
> proprietary things - USE

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