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Rut Busting

I was very impressed with the tips everyone came up
with.  All of which have proven effective in one form
or another.  My particular tips are rather basic. 
One, I find that researching stuff about a particular
style of music or artform is helpful. I also use
emulation as a technique.  I try to mimic other
instruments on the guitar using alternate techniques
in phrasing and articulation.  It's challenging in the
sense that you have to limit your playing style to cop
the style of the imstrument you are mimicking(i.e.
horns, keys).  The most useful tool I've found for me
when I'm stuck is chaos.  If you render yourself
helpless by changing things so that you have no
control over your surroundngs, it makes for an
interesting event.  I find that changing to a fretless
neck on the guitar opens up exploation into
microtonality, along with using toys, electronic
devices and prepared guitar makes for a nice recipie
for chaos.  once you get something going, record all
of it, and sit down to edit out chunks of sound.  I've
spent hours sifting through a ten minute noisefest to
come up with about 2 minutes of sound that I would
then compose into a song. In live situations, it's
more interesting because you can't make an edit, so
you learn to make the most of a bad phrase and use it
to build your next musical expression.

I'd say more, but i tend to ramble,


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