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The PiNG presents Wally Jericho with BLEEP Visuals

THE AMBiENT PiNG   http://www.theambientping.com
Free - Every Tuesday Night - doors open at 9pm - 1st set at 9:30
  @ club nia / C'est What - 19 Church St. at Front St. - Toronto
         3 blocks east of the Union Station subway.
         map - http://www.cestwhat.com/map.html
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This Tuesday June 15th - Wally Jericho with BLEEP Visuals

>From Jericho Station in Orangeville, Ontario, Wally Jericho's
electro­acoustic styling will provide a blend of Trumpet, Alto­Sax
Guitar & Loops, with various combinations of sampled Bass,
Drums & other sounds from his collection of sonic delights.
Sit back, stand up, relax, be intense, talk at will, laugh with
your friends, enjoy the time we have together to set aside
routine & requirement. BLEEP Visuals will provide eye candy
for you & Mr Jericho. "Here in this half­light, you look a lot like her."
http://www.wallyjericho.com     http://www.bleeptunes.com

Between Sets CD - "Archive One" by Anomalous Disturbances
The third of Vancouver looping guitarist Terry O'Brien's CD
releases from his Anomalous Disturbances project featuring
deep and enveloping ambient soundscapes. (Disappearing Music)
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Coming Tuesday June 22nd  -  Intergalactic Faerie Funk

Between Sets CD - "OM" by dreamSTATE  (e-SPACE)
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rik maclean's *ping things* CD Reviews

The debut release by quasiMODAL is a prime example of both
the talent and the collaborative nature of the music scene that's
developed around Toronto's AMBiENT PiNG. Featuring cheryl o
on cello, treatments and loops, Steven Sauve (of karmafarm and
of Sylken) on synth, piano and loops, Michael Keith (half of MCF)
on guitar, banjo, vocal stylings & more, and Matthew Paulakakis
(aka Automatic Fats) on piano, bass, guitar etc., it's a veritable
who's who of local ambient/improvisational artists! Showcasing
a collection of pieces recorded at a variety of sessions, including
a performance this year at the AMBiENT PiNG, this disc captures
the sound of four brilliant talents perfectly aligned with each other
in the spirit of creation.

"Mr K Dreams the Truth" opens the disc with a duel of cello
and guitar, spurred on by piano and bass. An improvisational
tour de force highlighting the various talents assembled.

Track two "Left of Spring" features a similar frenetic energy,
albeit more focussed, more directed towards the idea of spinning
a tale, weaving a yarn. Building to an inspired ending reflecting
intensity and madness, "Left of Spring" is a fantastic piece
of aural story telling.

"Luminal" plays along a more delicate path, a beautiful piece
bringing to mind the calm untroubled flight of a butterfly, wind
both aiding and hindering it's journey through the sky. Some
very nice bass work in this one, very sublime playing.

The amusingly titled "New Adventures With Buzz & Klik" is a
brilliant example of processed loops, feedback & remodelled
sounds all brought together in a seemingly random pattern
that slowly builds into a form of reason and purpose. A
beautiful piano melody dances along the edges of the track
while drones rise and fall, buzzes whirr and click, and a
thousand (or maybe only just one) other tones compete for
your attention. What an incredible track!

Now. Let us turn our attention to "In the Guinea Pig Cage".
It opens with Michael's vocals backed by a slow build of piano,
cello and more all rising towards a frenetic and fantastic swell
that ebbs and flows for a spell before gradually calming and
breaking into segments showcasing each member of the
ensemble. I think this piece might well be the quintESENTIAL
(quintiMODAL?) track, truly highlighting the ability of these
artists to work together as a group and as individuals within
that group. Truly a testimony to the skill and musicality of
its collected members.

Without doubt, quasiMODAL is something special, something
worth discovering for yourself. If you've been lucky enough
to see one of their performances then surely you already
know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, then this disc
is a great introduction to their work, sure to make you a fan.

rik maclean - rik@pingthings.com

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The Ambient Ping presents free live performances by Toronto's
finest ambient, chillout and experimental music artists plus
performers from across the continent, every Tuesday at club nia
(aka C'est What) featuring a comfortable lower stage area, perfect
for attentive listening, plus a higher level with a bar, back room
and more seating that's great for conversation, good food and the
club's impressive beer, wine and whiskey selection. Musical treats
are on offer at the *ping things* ambient/experimental CD boutique.
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