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No MIDI from EDP buttons

Hi.  I have 2 EDP's running with an MPC 1000.  I am using a FCB1010 to 
control EDP1 and the EFC-7 to control EDP2.  I can program button 
pushes from the FCB1010 to the MPC1000 but for some reason pushing the 
front panel buttons doesn't sent MIDI, nor does the EFC-7 on EDP2. I 
wanted to embed a couple of EDP MIDI controller tracks onto the MPC in 
real time by using the front panel buttons.   Any Idea's?

I have the FCB going out to the MPC's MIDI-in port #1.  The FCB is 
programed to send MIDI notes on Ch.1. EDP1 is set to MIDI ch. 1 and EDP 
2 is set to MIDI ch. 2.   Then MIDI out of the MPC's Out-A going into 
the MIDI in of EDP1.  I have a TRS cable connection the brother sync 
ports of both of the EDP's.  I have MIDI out of EDP1 going into MIDI in 
of EDP2.

If I connect MIDI out of EDP2 back into the MIDI in "B" of the MPC I 
get a MIDI feedback loop that seems to feed my EDP's some high quality 
crack cocaine. I also tried sending the EDP2 MIDI OUT back into the FCB 
in and setting it up to Merge so that the new MIDI data on Ch.2 from 
EDP2 could be recorded to track 2 (ch. 2) on the MPC and then I would 
have freed up a MIDI port on my MPC for use with a keyboard.  What the 
hell is going on?

---John M.