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Re: Acceptable Latency

Check this out:

I've realized that if I overdub on an existing loop that is playing through
a PA monitor speaker that isn't close to me, I can hear a discernable
"timing issue" after the overdub.  If I use headphones to monitor the loop,
I've had no problem at all.    I finally realized that it probably has to 
with the 10+feet of "latency" between the monitor speaker and my ears.   So
I'm playing perfectly in time with the loop if you were to stand next to me
and listen, but as soon as I drop it in an overdub you can tell that the
overdub is just a bit behind when the loop comes around and repeats!  Its
totally subtle, but I can definately hear it.

This discussion finally put two and two together for me on this issue and I
think its really relevant to everyone.  So a question:  How do y'all like 
monitor your loops?


ps. On a related note:  my electrix mo-fx and filter factory each have 
15ms latency on them (I think).  I can hear the difference when I enable
them on one repeater track and not the others.  Wouldn't it be super nice 
be able to shift the loop back 15ms to compensate right as you drop in the
effect?  The repeater can do slip, but its a complicated sequence and
calculation I think - maybe there's a trick midi thing that can do this.
Can anything like this be done on the EDP? anyone?