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Yet Another Loop Music Microorganism Video

Title: Yet Another Loop Music Microorganism Video

For those of you who enjoyed the previous two microorganism videos I shared, both of which were choreographed with looped music, I have another horrific and disgusting creature to add to the list, with even more interesting video effects. See the last video, "The Probe," at this page:


I was able to synchronize some of the video effects with my looped guitar piece, which in this case is a very minimalistic intro of a longer song  from my CD, using the acoustic guitar, delay, reverb, and the Boomerang.  I wish I could share the 60MB version with you. The music quality and video resolution are much better.

I probably won’t share anymore with the group until I have a whole DVD's worth of videos to ship to those who are interested (no charge)….later this summer after I collect more specimens.  Send me a note if you are interested, and I'll put you on the list. I can probably handle sending 20 or so.


Krispen Hartung