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It keeps going and going . . . almost "Aeternally" (as it were).

Hi all,

Well, this has GOT to be the last review "Flux Aeterna" will 
EVER get. I just stumbled across it. It's sort of funny how 
a disc released in early July of 2001 (3 months before 9/11) 
keeps getting grudging notice out there. I've stopped sending 
out review copies years ago. Honest.

>Steve Koenig -- JumpArts Journal, December 2003

>TED KILLIAN. Flux Aeterna. pfMentum CD007, 70:42, pfmentum.com
>Killian’s electric and acoustic guitars, samples and loops create an 
>intriguing blend of noise, ambient (due to bass growl underpin), and 
>arena rock guitar over the course of ten varied tracks. This might 
>appeal to prog-rockers more than the free-improv crowd, but its 
>definitely appealing. I listened to this right after indulging myself 
>in all four sides of Tales from Topographic Oceans. This seems 
>the perfect dessert. What if Jimi went really druggy? Mix by Jeff 
>Kaiser. Its in a thin three-fold package wrapped in a band.

Hehehehe. Not one for the scrapbook but he seemed to like it.
But, the "arena rock" quip I don't quite get. Is that what i sound 
like? Gosh.

Anywho . . . I gotta get something new out there for these folks 
to poke fun at. Hehehe . . .


tEd ® kiLLiAn