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RE: nu music (ways to promote)

Krispen Hartung Records only means that I am my own record company, for
branding purposes and an overall umbrella for multiple CDs. These days
anyone can claim themselves as a record label (I did submit it on a few
label registries), regardles of whether you manufacturing your own CDs
or sub-contract. I'm independent, and the label thing is really for
marketing purposes. But to your other point, I did have my CDs
manufactured by a company, who provided the UPC barcoded, which is
required by most major online distributors....and in actuality the
Orchard is a label as well. This is why you see my CD twice on Amazon,
once under my name and again under the Orchard. This is not uncommon.  I
submitted my music through the Amazon Advantage program (you can Google
search on that) before I knew about the Orchard. After I submitted at
the Orchard, it proliferated everywhere. I didn't even need to submit at
Amazon myself, except that the turn-around time and customer service
with them is more direct through the Advantage program.


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> Every little bit counts. After I submitted or linked to my music with 
> the above sites, as well as Amazon.com, the Orchard, and CD Baby, my 
> music started to spread across the internet and search engines like 
> wildfire.

I wonder what you did exactly with your CD. Does 'Krispen Hartung
Records' mean that you had some company burn a number of CDs for you
from your CDR? Did you then go to the Orchard with it? Did you submit
your music to the above sites first (and how did you do that, submit to
Amazon, say?), or did the Orchard do that for you?