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Re: It keeps going and going . . . almost "Aeternally" (as it were).


In a message dated 6/17/04 1:11:49 AM, steve@steve-lawson.co.uk writes:

>I dunno Ted, I always thought of you as the Dann Huff of Looping... ;o)
>(and Bill Walker is obviously the Ted Nugent of MIDI guitar... :o) 

Heheheh, if it weren't for the smiley emoticon I'd say you were just being 
a meanie. I had to look up just who Dann Huff was on the web. Heheheh. 
I'm still not actually sure -- studio guy, played on maybe 10,000 sessions 
by all of my least favorite artists I guess. You Brits are ones for subtle 
humor and I'm just a dumb Yank remember. Heheheh. 

As for T Nugent, I heard "Cat Scratch Fever" on the radio a few times 
(a very long time ago) and read enough guitar mag interviews of him to
know I'd never be interested in anything else he might ever have to say 
(or play) ever again. What a moron (in my book at least). 

Yes, and I'm one probably too just for saying so. Let the "Nuge"
flame wars begin. Heheheh. Anywho, I'd rather be the Sonny Sharrock
meets Carl Stalling of looping (if I had my way). I should be so lucky 
. . . or so talented too. Heheheh. As it is, I'm just the putz that I yam.
Or is it . . . I am just the yam that I putz?

Keep us posted on you next release Steve. I've loved every one of 'em.