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RE: It keeps going and going . . . almost "Aeternally" (as it were).


I realize that irony is a tough thing to convey via the printed word, so 
in these politically charged times, let me go on record as saying, I 
neither share The Nuge's political views, nor his love of bow hunting. But 
I would'nt mind pretending I'm his pal if it got me a Birdland! I bet he 
does'nt even loop, the weeny..

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From: William Walker [mailto:billwalker@looppool.info]
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 9:49 AM
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Subject: RE: It keeps going and going . . . almost "Aeternally" (as it

Hey What the F**K? How can you possibly compare me to Ted Nugent, or as I 
like to call him....
El Nugre' , Other than  sharing political views and a love of bow hunting, 
how can you possibly compare what I do stylistically to him?  Now, if I 
only had a little more loop memory, I could do a complete cover of "Wang 
Dang Poontang Man". 

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From: Steve Lawson [mailto:steve@steve-lawson.co.uk]
Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 1:12 AM
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Subject: Re: It keeps going and going . . . almost "Aeternally" (as it

>>>Hehehehe. Not one for the scrapbook but he seemed to like it.
But, the "arena rock" quip I don't quite get. Is that what i sound 
like? Gosh.<<<

I dunno Ted, I always thought of you as the Dann Huff of Looping... ;o)

(and Bill Walker is obviously the Ted Nugent of MIDI guitar... :o)