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Re: englishe looper - ed alleyn-johnson

Thanks for the reminder Nigel - I've not listened to Ed in years, but
Ultraviolet was almost certainly the first live looping I was ever
consciously aware of, and apart from really enjoying the music, I used to
try and work out how on earth he was doing all of it live. It certainly had
a big influence on me wanting to get into looping, even though I didn't
really get to try much of it for a few years after I was listening to Ed...
I might just have to go and find both those albums again!



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Subject: englishe looper - ed alleyn-johnson

> just wanted to point you all towards Ed Alleyn-Johnson, a musician who 
making wonderful loop records in
> the '90s, some of which are still available .
> he used electric violin and an Ibanez 8-second delay (i think) to make
very complete and clear loop music live -
> somewhere between Bach and Manuel Gottsching.
> i don't know him at all, but do admire his technique compositions - check
out Purple Electric Violin Concerto and
> Ultraviolet!
> n