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Re: : Decyphering the Grammar of Mind, Music and Math

On 2004-06-20, at 00.29, Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) wrote:

> I found this article from today's NY Times very thought provoking and  
> am forwarding it in hopes that you will as well, and that it can  
> stimulate some interesting discussion.  Looping and mathematics are of  
> course related, in somewhat different ways than more taditional forms  
> of music making.

>> http://www.nytimes.com/2004/06/19/arts/19CONN.html? 
>> ex=1088683885&ei=1&en=6ec7344cc1438127

Very interesting and inspiring. THanks!  Just about the perfect  
breakfast reading over here at this moment :-)

As "music can be comprehended in a locked room" every human seems as  
well to have the built in radar to pick it up by default. I use to  
think back to the time of my childhood, many years before I "was told  
about music" or even took an active interest in music. What strikes me  
is that being only four years old I recognized the same criteria that I  
still enjoy as parts of "music". I heard "unison lines", "octaves",  
"fifths", "clusters" and all kinds of stuff that I had to wait two  
decades to get the names for. So from my own life experience I am  
pretty sure that music is universal.

A funny memory is that some music that was held in great aspect by  
grown-ups, really hurt my senses at that early age. I never understood  
why but it just made me feel sick and depressed. Some decades later,  
now as a grown-up myself, i found myself taking pleasure in some of  
that "torture music".

Per Boysen