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Re: FS: Digitech 2120 (has 10 sec looper) and other music gear

The RP21 is a good idea, but the rack unit has dual processors so you 
don't get a glitch when changing patches which is kind of annoying.  I 
think the 2120's  got a lot more delay memory for looping and a bunch 
of other features.  $150 is a good deal though, maybe as a back up....  
I actually already bought a Vox Tonelab SE and I'm pretty happy with 
it.  It doesn't have nearly the depth the 2120 has, but it does the 
basics and actually gets me a vintage Fender type sound I could never 
quiet get with the digitech gear.  The Digitech is more "Hi-fi" 
sounding, the Vox more "vintage" sounding.  I do find myself using more 
and more traditional guitar sounding sounds the deeper I get into 
synthesis.  I love the combination.

Here it is anyway:



On Jun 23, 2004, at 5:24 PM, Kevin Cheli-Colando wrote: