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Re: sound hole cover for loops


On Jun 26, 2004, at 7:35 AM, lol c wrote:

> Hey guy and gals.
> I guess this is a slightly OT post,
> basically i wondered if any of you have had any experiance using  
> electro acoustic guitar with a sound hole cover?
> Its funny, I cant find ANYWHERE that sells them , yet nearly every bg  
> artist I have seen using acoustics ( howie day, Richard Ashcroft,  
> Sting!!!)  seems to have one fitted.
>  Is it something they are keeping to them selves.
> the reason I belive I need one is that when I last took my acoustic  
> guitar to do some loops at my regular slot, (where I usually use an  
> electric) all my loops where ruined by intermitent feedback, I tried  
> to use it as an "effect" but in the end it just sounded crap.
> could anyone recomemd anywhere in the uk where I could pick one up and  
> if any of you use one could you tell me how it effects the sound and   
> how good they are at stopping feedback.
> thanks
> Phill
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