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Re: EDP/MF availability

Lance Zechinato wrote:
> I was surprised to see that Musician?s Friend just changed the ETA of 
> the Echoplex Digital Pro from July 27th to June 26th.  Good news for 
> those of us on the list who are awaiting our backordered EDPs.  Didn?t 
> think I?d see mine till August at least.  Here?s hoping mine/yours are 
> among that recent 150 shipped.

Just a little heads up for people who ordered EDPs from MF.  You might 
want to confirm that your order wasn't CANCELLED!!  Apparently you need 
to respond to their backorder notices to let then know you still want 
the product.  I didn't, and now I'm at the end of the backorder list!! 
Lovely.  Six months of waiting down the drain.

MF has 45 EDPs on order.  Make that 46.  As of today, MF has not 
received any EDPs.  No new ETA is available.