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RE: sound hole cover for loops

When I used to play traditional jazz on an Ephiphone hollow body, I
dropped black balloons inside the f-holes and blew them up. Worked great
and didn't look weird.

Krispen Hartung

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     I use a rubber sound hole cover for my Ovation acoustic/electric.
I got it direct from Ovation, as it needs to fit the unique hole size of
an Ovation.  I imagine that you can get them from your guitar

     When I was in Argentina, I noticed that several guitarists were
using CD's bolted together to accomplish the same effect.  When money is
in short supply, imagination takes over.  It seemed to work just fine
for them.


basically i wondered if any of you have had any experiance using electro

acoustic guitar with a sound hole cover?

could anyone recomemd anywhere in the uk where I could pick one up and
any of you use one could you tell me how it effects the sound and  how
they are at stopping feedback.



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