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RE: Miels Davis loop

Interesting, Michael!  

What hardware or software did you use? 

I would have used a bit longer sample so it doesn't sound like a stuck
record at times.

I actually had such an experience as a kid.  I was listening to one of my
jazz records (I don't remember if it was Miles - but this was in the later
1950's) and my mom yelled out that it sounded like the record was stuck.  I
tried to tell her that it wasn't, but it turned out that she was right, it
was stuck!  Funny thing, now with looping and DJ'ing, in a way, I was
"right" also.

So anyway, I'm not too much of an expert on records being stuck, so you can
take what I say with a "grain" of salt!

Keep on experimenting, Michael.


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I posted a granular synthesis loop based on a Miles Davis solo on
wondering what you think of it.

Michael Peters