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Re: RPTR: right output is half volume...

Hi Zoe,

do you have your RPTR connected to your rig via a patchbay of some sort? I
once went into serious troubles when I played at a cold, damp grotto and
moisture kept creeping into my patchbay connectors, producing all sorts of
strangely distorted sounds. So William is right, the climate you live in
might indeed have a huge influence on your gear.


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> Zoe, do not, I repeat do not, I repeat do not, try your first soldering
> experience on your repeater. First of all you need a very good soldering
> which are expensive, the cheap electric kind you can  get from radio 
> are not capable of the kind of sustained heat needed to cure a cold or
> solder joint problem on an audio device, if that is indeed your problem.
> first try a deoxidizing spray like De-Exit as oxidation can cause all
> of fuzzy sounding problems, volume drops etc.. And , oxidation, rust, and
> corrosion are all problems prevalent to coastal climates. If I'm correct
> live in SF? Foggy SF? nuff said.  Also make sure all of the nuts on the
> input and output jacks are tight. I've sometimes had loose input jacks
> weird crackling and I believe the jacks on the back of the repeater have
> those black plastic ones that can be tightened by hand, and also can
> loose. Also I have minimized my the amount of plugging and unplugging I 
> with my repeater. I leave it in my rack, wired to my mixer. But do try to
> get it looked at by someone with experience. Call Real Guitars or Haight
> Ashbury Music, Or Leo's Audio in Oakland for a referral.
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> Subject: RPTR: right output is half volume...
> Yikes. I discovered that the right output of the Repeater is almost
> half the volume of the left. Also, there are pops and crackles when i
> wiggle the cable (yes, checked the cables)
> I fear soldering needs to happen? I've never done such a thing before
> but I like to try new things. Has anyone on the list ever opened up the
> inside of their Repeater?