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Andre Cholmondeley


I've been trying to mail you off list and the mail keeps bouncing due 
to (what i believe is a) spam filter. I just came a cross a post of 
yours from 1999 about Bob Musso and Machine Gun. I don't know if you 
recognise my name, but i've been on the Looper's Delight list for a 
couple of years now and participated in the Live Looping tour last 
year with Matthias Grob and Per Boysen. Well, the point of this mail 
is that i am also the original Machine Gun bass player. Right now i'm 
trying to put together some reunion dates in the New York area for 
this fall. Though both Chapin and Sonny Sharrock have passed, Bob, 
Bil and i argree that it's time to do some gigs together again. If 
you have any suggestions for venues or inside info on upcoming 
festivals that we might fit into please drop me a line.

Happy looping!
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