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Re: Is my Echoplex a whore

He meant your mother....oooohh. No man, just kidding -- and I would like a bumper sticker b/c I work Apple tech support in the AM to pay for the PM.

About a year ago, I decided not to use a laptop on stage until I could afford a "gig-only" laptop -- like that will happen any time soon. I'd been using a G4 Powerbook, but it's not meant to be schlepped around like a keyboard.

So my current live rig includes a Minimoog Voyager, Roland Handsonic, TC Helicon Voiceone, Edirol UA-700, Alesis Airsynth, an ipod for loops (boo, I know), and a Samson Airline vocal wireless headset (I love). So I pretty much use the Handsonic's built-in looper to loop rhythms that I sing voice-effects over while playing rhythms/leads/basses with the Moog.

So to me, it's become obvious that a Gibson Echoplex would be ideal. I could loop anything and everything, and not be limited to looping just electronic percussion. I finally just scored enough cash from selling a Korg Karma (email me privately if you want to discuss, that one's a story...) to afford the Echoplex.

Would anyone advise against buying one? I just saw that email about it breaking -- is reliability an issue with it? That's pretty much the reason I've converted my entire rig to hardware vs. software because of reliability and dedicated zero latency.

So, that's my intro to the forum and a question to boot. I've enjoyed reading everyone's postings so far -- and Sarth, checked out the site and really dig the tunes.

Happy 4th and hope all are well,

Warm blends of downtempo beats that will soothe your your mind...
"an original score to the tragedy of American idealism"

On Jul 4, 2004, at 2:21 PM, Mark Sottilaro wrote:

You mean the feeble whore that you went to to send out this email or another feeble whore?

On Jul 4, 2004, at 12:09 PM, John Metzler wrote:

It is receiving beat clock but not any of the note messages.

I just got everything working and then the next day it's back to fixing something rather than playing something. TECHNOLOGY IS A FEABLE WHORE !!! I'm having bumper stickers that say that in old gritty typewriter font, anyone want one?

---John M.