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Re: Calexico in High and Dry film, and hand-clapping

Hi Tom,

On 2004-07-07, at 10.46, Tom Rex wrote:
> Here's a link to a film about the Tucson music scene.  There's a 
> trailer at
> the site to watch.
>  http://www.upstairsfilm.com/highanddry/about.html

Thanks Tom. Interesting movie!  I'm still stuck deeply into "Jungle 
Mud" but if I ever get to Tucson i might definitely get hooked on that 
"Desert Rock" ;-)

> I actually found a web site with the rhythms for Palmas laid out like 
> drum
> machine charts, with up to 5 parts.  Hey Rick, next looping tour in 
> Spain?
> Per, habla espaņol :)

Si, aber nur um extremely pocinho Portuguese!!! ;-D

> http://www.flamenco-seiten.de/navigation_magazin.htm

That's a tip to bookmark. Thanks! I'll put those flamenco beat charts 
on my powerbook to study during some (otherwise boring) journey.

All the best

Per Boysen