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RE: pedal steels

You got me started browsing on this looks like the
Carterstarterhttp://www.carterstarter.com would be a good place to start
three pedal four levers s10 (single 10 string neck) man I am learning a lot
this is a gearheads dream instrument. S12, D10, copedeant (all those new
Man you might have to start calling me Loopin Cowboy Joe next ;D

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--- Alan Kroeger <nospam@akroeger.com> wrote:
> Go here
> http://steelguitarforum.com/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi
> there are a bunch
> of folks who know what there talking about there
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> From: L. Angulo [mailto:labalou2000@yahoo.com]
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> Subject: pedal steels
> Hi loopers,
> i am hunting for a pedal steel guitar and i need your savvy advice, 
> ive never played one and there are different kinds with different knee 
> levelers etc.
> i dont want to get x-tra sofisticated since i am not interested in 
> becoming a country player,i want to use it more as an enhancing 
> instrument.I ve been checking out the carter student model,any 
> comments?
> thanx
> L.a
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