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RE: pedal steels

The tune I was thinking of the tune 'To Be Over' (slower ballad) on
'Relayer' where he definitely does some  distinctively pedal steel style
lick and chord tuning. Is it Pedal steel all the way through *shrug* this
was the time when Howe was using multiple guitars in one tune (live) I saw
the Relayer concert tour (I forget whether I saw it in Dec 1974 or Jan 1975
but, it definitely was cold then ;D) Relayer was there really fusion styled
album and Patrick Moraz really shifted there sound (way different then

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On 2004-07-09, at 14.58, Alan Kroeger wrote:

> Take a listen the Yes and Steve Howe on Relayer there was some very 
> interesting Pedal Steel work on that album.

Do you mean the part where the guitar starts and then vocals join in on the
same melody ("soon oh soon....")?

I've always thought Steve Howe played that part with a telecaster with
bottleneck and volume pedal, because that's what he is using on the rest of
the album. BTW, what an album that is!!! ;-)

All the best

Per Boysen