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RE: pedal steels

Well Luis if you decide to go with a Pedal Steel let us know what you find
out. I may look into this one but, there are so many choices and it fairly
diverse topic really have to think this out (especially since country
western has never been my thing) I need another year of Bow work before I
would expose my attempts at Oldtime Fiddle Glitch (or whatever I decide to
call it at the moment ;D) to the public this might be a good choice having
played guitar way too many years (and being bored of it) I wonder just how
hard it is to get Pedal Steel figured out and transfer standard guitar
knowledge to it?

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well my first guitar 20 years ago which cost me 10 dlls. looks like that
now;-) L.a

--- Jens Wolters <shocktone@gmx.de> wrote:
> check this out:
> The affordable version ;)
> Now the strings are high enough and have a wider spacing to play pedal 
> steel.
> Well sort of ;)
> Greetings Jens.


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