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Re: A/B Loop Capability of EDP

> So you can switch between any number of loops, up to 16 . . .
> Using MIDI, you can go between any two--but using NextLoop on the face
> pedal) you have to scroll thru them.

You can have random access to any loop (effectively) by hitting NextLoop
multiple times before the end of the cycle (if you're quantized, I think).
It will tell you what loop number you're on and whatever one it's on when
the cycle ends will be the loop that is played next. I'm not sure if there
is a MIDI control to go directly to a specific loop. Seems like there 
be considering how many other powerful MIDI functions there are.

> I am happy to hear of users getting their new EDPs--let's keep it that
> way...


> I for one will be in the market for another as soon as supplies
> stabilize--wonder when Andy will get orders for another production run--

I think they still have 150 of them in their warehouse! ( or was it 100 )
Only 100 ( or was it 150? ) were shipped with the latest batch.

- Dave