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RE: Steel/ pedal steels/ lap steels

Just for fun heres a link I stumbled across in my travels
http://www.hsga.org/membersrecordings/MembersRecordings.htm lots of
Lap and Console Steel

Thanks so much for the above link.  This music makes me swoon!
I downloaded them all, burnt a CD, popped it in the stereo, and had a
chilled out evening with my better half.

I almost pictured myself, ordering a vodka martini (shaken not stirred)
at a bar on the beach on an exotic island, the steel guitarist and his
band grooving nearby, tiki torces alight...warm glow...a cool breeze and
gentle waves adding a soft Doppler effect to the music.  But I have more
important things at hand.  I feel the Walther PPK, snug against my side.
I know someone is going to lose their....

(daydream sequence ends)

"honey, what are you thinking about?  Man, you love this corny stuff
don't you?"