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Daevid Allen - was: pedal steels

Hi all - we (that is Cipher) got together in a recording studio with Mr
Allen for a day and recorded a lot of his Glissando guitar playing - and
very impressive it was! He was using a Boomerang looper and various metal

The results appeared on our last album - One Who Whispers. Several tracks
feature his atmospheric sounds and loops - you can hear a clip of one of
them - Panoramic Lounge - at our website
http://www.cipher.f9.co.uk/albums.htm or visit the Gong website -

I believe he had problems with reliability with the Rang on the subsequent
Gong tour.


Dave Sturt

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> > Ahhhh - Thanks! I love that Gong glissando guitar sound.
> me too.
> > I seem to recall an interview a million years ago, where
> > Allen talked about using handles of surgical instruments
> > for this effect because of the quality of the metal. (?)
> or maybe because of the texture on the handles. I've had pretty good
> luck getting a similar sound using the handle of small Maglite as a bow
> (into too much bi-phase and echo of course). The question becomes, how
> does the sound change if you leave the flashlight on? :-p
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