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Re: Daevid Allen/glissando guitar

The Gizmotron could produce a similar effect as the sustainer-type devices, but I believe you could affect each string independently and on the fly. There was an on/off button for each string which activated a rotating rubber disk for that string, producing a bowing effect. The Sustainer doesn't offer that level of control.


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From: bruce tovsky <bruce@skeletonhome.com>
Date: July 13, 2004 11:27:50 AM PDT
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Subject: Re: Daevid Allen/glissando guitar

on a related note, wild fun can be had with a bottleneck, a dl4
and a fernandez sustainer guitar, which essentially is a guitar
with a built-in ebow for all 6 strings. accomplishes what the
gizmo was going for, with out the messy huge box over the bridge...