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Re: Daevid Allen/glissando guitar

On Wednesday, July 14, 2004, at 01:07  PM, DJ wrote:

> Could not agree more.  I've got one of those too, as well as a jimbow 
> "dulcimer bow" that they sell at elderly instruments.  It's a small 
> hand held bow that is arched so you can play the individual strings of 
> a dulcimer, but I use it on everything, guitar, bass, dulcimer.  I may 
> have to try your low B on a lap guitar.  Are you using a Wessinborn 
> style guitar for that or a resonator guitar, or something else 
> entirely?

for acoustic i use a circa 1930's oahu jumbo square neck lap guitar.
basically a jumbo acoustic with solid square neck, no resonator.
they were sold as companions to a mail-order hawaiian guitar
lesson course, and if memory serves me were made by regal.
for electric i have an oahu tonemaster lap steel. both have been
"scipioized" by my pick for world's best guitar restorer/luthier:  flip
scipio. (thanks again flip!) the oahu acoustic has a highlander pickup
built into the bridge which sounds awesome, natural with out that
piezo twang. the dulcimer bow sounds interesting - my friend elliot
sharp has a handmade bow that is similar. i've got to check that out.

bruce tovsky