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RE: Gizmo - was Daevid Allen/glissando guitar

I have a copy that I picked up used, but I've never listened to it, since 
I don't have a record player any more.   "Consequences" is now available 
on CD:


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Subject: RE: Gizmo - was Daevid Allen/glissando guitar 
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...and I've just remembered, Godley & Creme made a concept album to show 
the Gizmo, I've never heard it (or know of anyone who did), AMG says;
"This album, the solo debut of former 10cc members Kevin Godley and Lol
Creme, is generally considered to be one of the most notorious examples of
'70s music-business excess. Consequences began its life as a single 
to show off the "gizmo," a musical device created by Godley & Creme that
allowed an electric guitar to create symphonic-sounding textures when
attached to its neck. Somewhere along the line, this single blew up into a
triple-disc concept album about nature taking its revenge on mankind 
hurricanes, floods, and the like. The first disc is almost entirely
instrumental, using the ‘gizmo' to create all sorts of different 
textures as
a hurricane dubbed “Honolulu Lulu" trashes Hawaii and heads for the