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Re: MIDI percussion control for Repeater?

Heya Sean,

Thanks for replying!  I found those units today during some Googling.  
seems like a solution of last resort:
- only 10 note->cc mappings can be done, total.  Seems like they could have
a "note number = controller #, velocity = control value" mode, but instead
each note->cc mapping takes up one of ten slots
- and it costs $150 :(  Seems like I should be paying about $200 for the
whole damned solution.  Am I just being stubborn?

I'm "just saying no" to a laptop in this situation.

Doesn't someone make a simple multipad controller that can send out MIDI
CC's on pad hits? :(

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Subject: Re: MIDI percussion control for Repeater?

> One possibility would be to use a controller that sends notes and then 
them to CCs using this:
> http://www.midisolutions.com/prodmap.htm
> Or if you use a laptop, use a software app to do the mapping.
> At 06:03 PM 2004.07.19, Doug Cox wrote:
> >Anyone know of a percussion MIDI controller (with pads that can take a
> >drumstick hit), which sends continuous controller messages?  The
> >while allowing *some* functions to be controlled via PCs and/or Notes,
> >really requires CCs to get all the best out of it.  I'd like to control
> >via a percussion controller.
> >
> >Any ideas?
> >
> >Doug