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Re: EDP vs. Repeater

On Jul 23, 2004, at 9:03 PM, Lance Zechinato wrote:

>  I’m curious whether any EDP owners have approximated “multi-track” 
> stuff and how? 

I'm "multi-tracking" my EDP by using it with a laptop running Ableton 
Live. Whenever I come up with something i like on the EDP  I have the 
option to punch in a loop of it in Live. Then I continue to work the 
EDP loop into something different, in parallel with the Live loop 
(might also mangle it further i Live). But lately I have started using 
the software plug-in Augustus Loop and tend to use more live loops in 
Augustus together with the EDP instead of recording the EDP loops into 
Live. It's much faster and unpredictable in a way I like ;-)

All the best

Per Boysen