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RE: Musicians friend Price politics

I'd have to agree regarding the lap steel.

The EDP is a different matter, I think.  I think they've taken advantage of
the shortage.  Their many backorders informed them of the demand, and the
scarcity of the product informed them of a "reasonable" asking price.  I'm
sure they poke around eBay on occasion to see which way the wind is 
(E.g., the Repeater's top dollar selling price.)

I've been a long time Musician's Friend customer, and I've never ever had a
complaint about them.  I like them a lot.  However... the sudden jump in 
& EFC7 prices was a shock.  Especially knowing that the EDP is in such 
supply... with a big question mark hanging over it, no less.  The price 
just looks too obvious to ignore.

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--- Optimus Rob <rasimon@indiana.edu> wrote:
> Amen.  They pulled the same thing with the lap steel guitar a couple
> weeks ago -- their catalog stinks anyway.

Not to be a defender of MF, but that lap steel regularly goes on and off
The $99 price is their regular price for the thing. It'd been on special 
special was over. What's the big deal? Can't they offer a sale price on
and then take it off at some point? Someone here conjectured that it was
automated, based on demand, which sounds ridiculous to me. It's printed in
paper catalog too.

> I've had some good
> experiences with American Musical (though returns/exchanges take
> forever), but have really enjoyed buying from Novamusik.com.

The above said, I've bought quite a bit more stuff from American Musical
then Musician's Friend. AMS' price is usually better (although you should
compare) and my experiences with them over the years have been very good.
Compass is also a favorite. Good prices, excellent service.


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