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OT: open mike?


Please forgive the divergence. My singer/songwriter/guitarist partner 
and i are looking for an "open mike" or jam session type situation in 
London where we can make some connections for possible gigs in the 
London area. If anyone can suggest any places it would be appreciated.

Also (a bit of gig spam) i'll be doing lots of "Loopadelica" on the 
26th of August with my improvising trio Decision Dream at The 
Playroom 'Chez Stelios', 10 Paddington Street and Nottingham Place, 
London W1U 5QL at 9pm. If you're around, please stop in and say 
'hello'. Just a warning: the music will tend towards the extreme.

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells
Drone masterpieces and Loopadelica at: