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RE: Drum Machine solutions

Title: RE: Drum Machine solutions

>>With all this talk about getting tired of drum machines, I can't help but wonder why no one has mentioned pitch shift as a way to create new sounds. I have an old Alesis HR-16 (the early grey version of the MR-16) and I've NEVER tired of retuning the drums......

[giant snip]
Downtuned tambourines sound like a bag of pots and pans...... * because the HR-16 won't allow the same sound to overlay upon itself, you can play a sound two times in a row...... instant gating.<<

now you're talking! I bought an hr16 when they were brand new & quite expensive, mainly because it was the first affordable drum machine I'd heard that was remotely convincing.

I knew also, even in 1988, that down-tuning was they way I would go, & that this box could do it.
I believe the standard hr16 (& this may have changed on the sr16 or even the hr16b) had some quirks in it's voice allocation- the buttons were freely assignable but the ones marked open hat & closed hat were mutually exclusive. I think there was some limit on how many of the perc buttons would fire at once, but it was capable of some mad polyphony with tuned triangles.

there was a demo pattern that used this effect to play a little tune, which has certainly ended up in one of our tracks with only minor alterations.

& I was just about to hand it over to my guitarist too....
my favourite trick on the hr16 was layering sounds- sometimes as many as 10- panned & tuned this way & that, & all triggered by the same midi-note. blam!

I like the way you can set the length of the patterns to be anything you want, & switch the quant right off too. I have a magazine interview with one of it's designers somewhere- I think marcus ryle was involved too. good machine.



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