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RE: the good old Mac/PC question (was: looping observation)


That sounds like a great idea.  I've been using/programming Windows for
years.  For audio I've used Win2K and now WinXP and very satisfied.  The OS
has come a long way from the Win9x days.  WinXP is really WinNT++.  I get
really low latency.

Here's some very trivial geek trivia. :)  Three or four years ago some guys
in the keyboard dept of Bill's Music here in MD laughed when I said I was
using a PC with (then) Cakewalk 9 (now SONOR 3.x).  They were doing their
Beavis and Butthead "Hehehehe, yea... hehehe, like, 40ms latency...
hehehe... that sucks."  I said, "Nope.  2.5-4.5ms."  That was using a 
Beach Multisound Pinnacle... with its kick-ass Kurzweil VAST synth engine
... yea baby!!  Deep stuff.  I was running a 500MHz Athlon, 256MB RAM,
Win2K, Multisound Pinnacle card (AT card, but had what they called
"Hurricane" architecture for audio acceleration).  I still only use Athlon
CPUs in my PCs.

Next desktop for me will be G5 whenever I get around to it (not soon).  
notebook is either TabletPC or a G4, prolly G4.