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RE: looping observations

Absolutely I separate my data from my OS as much as is possible and do
indeed use imaging software when altering your system or adding new
software. There is nothing more conforting then knowing you can restore 
system in five minutes or less. Anytime I am doing a major update or
alteration I do it on a freshly re imaged PC just to sure there are no
conflicts that have been introduced with a minor alteration. If the upgrade
checks out as stable it can then become the new base image or an alternate
image (Disk space is still cheap)


From: loop.pool [mailto:looppool@cruzio.com] 
Sent: Sunday, August 01, 2004 8:08 AM
Subject: looping observations

Just a little devils advocacy from the dark side (PC land):
As soon as you get your system up and running (without connecting to the
internet yet)................
add your internet connectivity (if you can only afford the one computer for
both audio and music----I've never really been able to afford two at once
until recently) 
and IMMEDIATELY make a GHOST with the program Norton GHOST (by Symantec).
This makes a perfect image of your operating system drive which you store 
your D (or secondary harddrive).
Retain this ghost and call it  VIRGIN GHOST.
Then once a week make a new GHOST if your system is running really well
(certainly after you have added new hardware that runs well for a couple of
days).     As you make new ghosts,  erase your secondary ghosts but always
keep your VIRGIN GHOST intact (and off of your C drive).
Now, no matter what ill strikes your vulnerable PC (and they are vulnerable
unlike Macs) ,  voila!!!!
you are no more than 5 minutes away from a completely great working, virus
free machine.
It's really not that difficult.       The PC also forces one (because of
security issues) to back up with great regularity.   We should do that
anyway, right?
The PCs are also so much cheaper than the equivalent Macs that it's not a
big deal to invest in  a really 
good program to keep your system virus free, adware and spyware free (these
latter two are really scarier than 
viruses to me).        My brother has an excellent suite that does
everything.  I think it's called Panda.
I use Norton Anti Virus and System Mechanic 4.
Never open attachments unless the person who sends it discusses exactly 
it is.
Do these things and your new PC will run like a charm.   Mine does.
Now, make so much money with your next self recorded Looping CD that you 
buy a dual processor G5 and that  rompin' stompin'  PC with hyperthreading
technology............wireless network 'em up and then 
you won't have to ever again take sides in the Mac/PC
...........a looper can dream can't he?