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My first loops.

Hello everyone,
About a month or two ago, I joined this list as a complete looping 
newbie (and I consider myself to still be one), but I thought I'd get 
some opinions on my first efforts, be they good or bad. My personal 
opinions seem to vary from day to day, so I have no idea if I'm on the 
right track.

Some notes about the loops:
- these are 9 of my first 15 loops (with the exception of the 4-or-so  
loops I did before I began recording them all).
- they're all straight to 2-track with no overdubs or sequencing, and 
all are played on a guitar/guitar-synth. I'd try using Ableton, but I 
don't have enough hands (or midi programming ability, yet) to manage 
- the only edits are fades at the end (and one where I had to clean up 
the beginning because I began recording after the loop was well 
underway). perhaps this explains the bad notes.
- i'm aware of the noise (cheap i/o) and clipping. sorry.

Here's the link:
and then click the loops link.

Thanks for you time,
Jeff Evans