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Looping with Battery powered laptop

I got the Echo Indigo for my HP laptop, so I thought I'd try Ambiloop with
it.  Here are first impressions--
It works great!  I've got the latency way down (3 ms) and am using the MIDI
Mouse to trigger record etc., so it can all be battery powered.  Ambiloop
has never crashed on this system--I'm using 1.50 third release--way to go
Chris and Chris!  I will still need an amp, but I have a couple of battery
powered amps, and am using the ME-30 for battery powered effects.
I am eventually going to try using a more fully featured MIDI pedal so I 
control loop volume and feedback, but that's for later--I have not yet 
this setup into "the field", but will report back.
Coffee and tea, and the looper and me . . . A cup a cup a cup a cup a cup--