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Re: Adhesive for glass fretboard

glass to wood is a fairly difficult bond. I can say from experience  
that you DON'T want to use silicone, epoxy or cyanoacrylate  (super  
glue). Polyurethane glue is supposed to work, but the foaming kind  
could be disastrously messy on a guitar.

My best recommendation would be hot-melt polyurethane (Titebond  
HI-PURformer). I've been using this stuff for about a year now and it  
has worked for everything from sticking cable hangers to the side of a  
rack to repairing an outdoor garden gate. No, I am not endorsing this  
for any personal gain, I just like sticking things together.

The red tubes are multi-purpose, the green and yellow are for wood  
only. The kit with the special heat gun is an investment, but if like  
me you have a shelf full of half-wasted glues of every other variety,  
it's worth it.

more info at:

(now if I could just find something that sticks to copper, I could go  
back on topic.)

-Alex S.

On Aug 11, 2004, at 3:04 PM, .David.Auker. wrote:

> Any info on good glue should be widely shared!
> Dav
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>   There was a post from somebody building a glass fingerboard to stick  
> on their guitar neck. If that individual (or anybody else) knows what  
> adhesive to glue the glass fingerboard onto the guitar neck please  
> e-mail me off list.
>                                                         Thanks, James