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Phil Keaggy DVD

If you guys want to hear an incredible live looper (loopist?), then get 


and order his new live DVD.

I saw this guy live last year and he's the person who got me interested in
looping. He is absolutely incredible. He uses an acoustic guitar with a
Jamman and a minimal amount of other effect pedals. The DVD is of a recent
concert he did in Philladelphia. It includes the concert, and lots of bonus
stuff. There is a well known story that someone asked Jimi Hendrix "What is
it like to be the world's greatest guitarist?", to which Hendrix replied, 
don't know. Go as Phil Keaggy".

Whether or not that story is true, it still speaks volumes about his
techinical ability and stage prescence. He is a Christian artist, so if you
have a problem with that, then pass. But if you want to see something 
incredible, then check him out.

No affiliation whatsoever...I just wanted to let everybody know since i
hadn't seen it mentioned yet.