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OT Warning - Selling CD's on the web - recomendations?

Sorry for OT, but I know you guys have the best experience in well almost everything!!
So Im selling CDR home burnt CD's off by website... not too many orders, so no hassle... I've been hoping to earn enough to have the covers professionally printed, instead of high quality laserprint.. and everything is fine..
However... what experiences have people had at places like Cafepress.com? Advantages? Well proper printed cover, proper CD copy/with CD print (not horrible sticker) Dis-advantages? (Well some things seem to have improved, as there WAS som controversy as to whether they owned any rights to your s**t but this appears to been cleared up)and of course PROFIT is not so great... they charge a base of 8.99, that means that you can only really make a few bucks on top..
Now of course sensible thing would be to press 300 albums (minimum here in Norway) and 1000 covers yourself... however, dont know about you, but I got 3 albums selling on my site, at maybe 1 or 2 a month ha ha... but I dont care! I just aint got the cash!!!
ANy Ideas thoughts opinions???