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Title: Pedalboards
I’ve had great success with this company -- http://www.nycpedalboards.com/

I have had 3 different boards made there – 2 for me, one for a compatriot. All have done national US tour duty, no sweat. The best part is that you can pretty much design it yourself, with his options. I use one for all my mackie board, looping delays, mini-synth. Mini-sampler stuff, so I can set up for looping gigs in 1.5 minutes....

Speaking of which – anyone in the TRENTON NJ area — come here some looping for a good cause... TONIGHT – with my duo JFK'S LSD UFO...

Thank, andre’

Benefit Show for The Delaware Riverkeeper Network!
featuring an eclectic mix of surf jazz, prog rock, psychedelic folk and more!

Wing Dam (featuring Wilbo Wright of the internationally acclaimed group Ui)
JFK'S LSD UFO (featuring Andre Cholmondeley of the internationally acclaimed group Project Object)
Chris Bozzone

Also featuring guest speaker, Maya van Rossum from the Delaware Riverkeeper Network!!!!!!

Mill Hill Saloon            300 south Broad and Market

Saturday, August 21st  9PM      $5 door     21+

The Delaware River is Not a testing ground!!!

VX NERVE AGENT BYPRODUCT (HYDROLYSATE) IS COMING FROM INDIANA ACROSS OHIO THROUGH PENNSYLVANIA TO NEW JERSEY in tank trucks on our public highways via Route 80 through the Delaware Water Gap to the NJ Turnpike to the Dupont Chemical Company at Deepwater in Salem County -another possible route is on rail across PA to Morrisville where it will be offloaded to trucks and driven to NJ.  There Dupont plans to treat the hydrolysate further (basically, simply diluting it) and dump it into the Delaware River, threatening the residents of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and south Jersey and all life in the River and Bay (and ultimately, the Ocean) to the effects of the dangerous and little-understood breakdown components.

Make Loops Not War!!!