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I'm going to give my $0.02 on Philip's questions, since I can answer most of them, and also in direct protest of the fact that I posted a clear and simple set of questions re: the separation and amplification of "bass register" signals in a looping guitar rig, and have gotten basically *1* semi-related response.  (THANKS David Kirkdorffer!!!)This list used to be a great place to float questions around the kind of technical issues that we loopers face.  Seems like there's either a lot of noise, a lot of spam, or a lot of "taking" but not as much "giving" as there used to be.
Change the world by changing one person at a time, starting with yourself, right? :)
Comments below, Philip!
I figured I would get some beats together and sync some bass and guitar loops to them and sing a bit. Sort of a Beck (not Jeff) kind of sound. It seems pretty straightforward, but my infrequent dabbles in MIDI have taught me that things MIDI are ever quite as easy as one thinks they should be (for me anyway). I need some recommendations for gear and advice. If any of this is redundant, answered in an FAQ, an archive or another site please point me in the right direction.
I love Beck!  I'm working in a duo right now (just me and a percussionist, using and SPD-S and a Repeater), and we're working on originals that feel/sound a lot like Beck and/or Soul Coughing.  I'm psyched!

1)In the FAQ for the EDP, it said that the EDP could be synched to a sequencer etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for a drum machine or a sampler (I haven't decided which to go with) that could store a bunch of beats, and to which I could sync an EDP?
Of course, this depends greatly on what you want to accomplish.  In a general sense, any sampler/drum machine that can either send MIDI CLOCK out (if you want the EDP to "slave" to that device) and/or accept MIDI CLOCK in (if you want the device to slave to your EDP loops).  As you might guess, I've replaced various rhythm machines I've used with a real, live friend who plays drums (and captures them in a Repeater).  He's our "clock master".  He sets the base loop times by locking in a base loop to drive the songs.
You might look at the Electribe-ER1.  I loved that drum machine while I owned one.  Very versatile (and Beck-ish) tones out of it, and it synchs to MIDI or sends out MIDI clock, either way you want.  It does NOT do traditional drum kit sounds, though - so demo one before you buy.

2)Does the EDP permit switching between several looped guitar or bass lines--could I have record a loop and call it up later on in the same tune, or is it lost as soon as I stop using it? (Eg. could I record the guitar riffs in "Mama Said" as loops, stop them when the song gets to the "But I'm always on the run . . . " bit, and start one or two of them back up after the chorus still synched to the drum track or sampled beats?--Not that I'll be covering LK)
Yes, this is one of the fundamental features of the EDP.  You can divide your available seconds of loop time (driven by how much RAM is installed in the EDP) into multiple loops, and switch between them.  Using SwitchQuantize, you can have the loops switch only at loop or cycle boundaries, so you can have your loops switch "in time" with the beat, but not have to hit the NextLoop button at precisely the right time.

3)If I am synching an EDP to a sequencer or sampler, what kind of foot controller should I use? Would it be possible to control a midi preamp, a g-force and the EDP with the same controller?
You want a good MIDI foot controller.  Yes, a good one will control all those units (and more).  I shouldn't give advice here, since I use the Behringer FCB1010, and many consider it a "budget" foot controller.  But, it manages to control my 2 EDPs, a Roland GP-100 preamp/multifx unit, and a G-Major (sometimes).  With the G-Force, you may want something more full featured though.  The FCB1010 might be considered the low end, and you might look at the Ground Control Pro as a more expensive, full featured solution.  There are other recommendations in the archives.  Search for "foot controller" or "footcontroller" in the list archives.

4)Can I have output from a vocal microphone or the sampler looped on the same EDP I use for the guitar, and treat those loops just like the others? Do I need separate EDPs for different sources?
Yes, you can.  The EDP has a good dynamic range, and you can loop any sound source with it, and not lose sound quality.  The issue becomes what you use to amplify the resulting signal.  If you're looping your guitar tone (from a preamp) AND voice, you have these two different signals which aren't properly amplified by a single device.  Through a guitar amp, the guitar would sound good, but the vox would suck.  Through a full range speaker, the opposite would probably be true. 
Some people use guitar "modelers", and loop the guitar signal *AFTER* the preamp and poweramp/speaker simulation.  In that case, the guitar singal and the vocal signal WOULD sound ok through full range speakers, since the guitar is already "modeled" through guitar speakers, and won't sound shrill and flat through the full range speakers.
In the duo I'm working on, I use my EDPs solely for guitar (including my "bass range" stuff, resulting from either pitch shifted guitar, or 1/2 speed octave-down loops), and amplify them through a traditional guitar amp.  This was the root of my questions earlier this week.  I'm interested in how others do this, without muddying their guitar amp singal with "bass range" sounds.  We use the Repeater to loop the SDP-S (drums) and vocals, and amplify that with full range PA speakers.

5)Has anyone got an EDP for sale? (Please contact me off the list)
That's where I can't help you.  They will pry my EDPs from my cold, dead hands some day (if they're lucky!!!!)